Twitter Direct Marketing Campaign Creatives

Twitter contracted direct growth marketing services during my time at Ampush for the purpose of growing app downloads and sign-ups metrics. These ads were run across the Facebook, Instagram, and Apple Ads platforms.

Concept and Strategy

The design strategy for Twitter was to create an engaging and relevant ad that targetted audiences intimidated by the platform, audiences who wrote off the platfrom as unrelevant, and avid Facebook/Instagram users.

We tested a wide range of tweets in our first series of ads and found to knockout content: self-help and advice threads. Our audiences were reacting to productivity tips, reccomendation tweets, and self-help threads.

I came up with the above ads as a way to engage, tease, and push a call-to-action using the top performing static ads that used the same tweets. Keeping them short, sweet, and fast-paced was essential to accurately represent the Twitter brand and catch the attention of target audiences quick enough.

The ads below were a riff of the champion ads, with bio info of the tweet poster to give context and legitimacy for the ad's content.  


These creatives boasted higher click-through rates than their predecessers, drove stronger interactions, and opened up a new champion ad format for the client.